Nature Reliance Podcast

#120 Building a Resilient Team with Doc K, Special Forces Soldier

May 05, 2023 Nature Reliance Media Season 5 Episode 2
Nature Reliance Podcast
#120 Building a Resilient Team with Doc K, Special Forces Soldier
Show Notes

In this interview Craig talks to Shane Kerwin aka Doc K. Shane is the Founder and Lead Instructor of Personal Survival Solutions, LLC.  Shane lays out his extensive and impressive background first, which sets the stage for the rest of the discussion.  Special Forces soldiers are the best in the world at gathering human and other resources and making working teams from what is gathered.  This is an excellent skill for any organization, especially for families related to disaster readiness and resiliency. 

Please check out Shane's website at:

Consider him for any class you find useful to you and yours.  He is an excellent instructor and communicates to class participants on all levels.  

Here are some questions from the interview.  

  • What lesson from your military background helps you the most in daily life?
  • I have heard you use the term "protective preparedness", what does that mean and how do you help people with it?
  •  Is that the same as building an individual "protective system?"
  •  When you surround yourself with good people what does that look like for you?
  • What sort of roles do you think each family, or group unit should have?  (Medic, Security, Communications, etc?)
  • What are the critical aspects of teaching other people skills?  (any skills)
  • What are the critical aspects to communicating effectively?  (I always hold you SF guys in high regard with this, and love hearing your take on this)
  • What are your goals for PSS moving forward?

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